Actress Robin Weigert (the therapist on Big Little Lies) discussing The Performing Art of Therapy on the podcast “You Might Know Her From.”

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Character Work

What Therapists Can Learn From Actors

Therapists can flop in their “performance” with clients, coming off as inauthentic or over the top. In this article I discuss a case in which my experience as an actor helped me to authentically embody the kind of “scene partner” my client needed me to be.

How to Choose Your Therapist

Tips to help you “audition” potential psychotherapists

Choosing the right psychotherapist for you is like casting the right actor for a production. You want to look for someone who is not only qualified for the job, but is also someone with whom you’d like to spend a good deal of intimate time. Here are a few guidelines to help with the casting process:

The Performing Art of Being A Couple

Thinking of ourselves as "performers" can enhance all of our relationships.

My experience as an actor prepares me to engage in a collaborative, creative, and empathic process with all of my "scene partners."

Actors develop their own voices so as to inspire the voices of other people. And in that sense, as therapists we are all actors: we use ourselves to help bring other people’s authentic selves to life.